Analytics-Driven Storage Management

The Register IT Buyer’s Guide

In this IT Buyer’s Guide from The Register, you’ll learn why traditional storage management won’t cut it with today’s massive data growth.
IT Buyer's Guide
Learn what to look for in a data management solution with a more granular and analytical approach, and find out how to assess which is best to help you save the most. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to tackle the cold data challenge
  • Why you need to understand your data with analytics
  • Key considerations to assess a data management solution

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Finding and tiering your cold data can save substantial costs by offloading it from expensive storage and backups. But the way tiering is done can affect your actual savings and your options to access cold data.

Read this white paper to learn the difference between block-level tiering and file-level tiering, which fully preserves file access at each tier by keeping the metadata and file attributes with the file—wherever it lives. Know the difference to make the right choice for your data moves.

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